The Arena Gymnastics Summer Program is a unique opportunity for your child to continue to build their skills while providing the utmost flexibility to your family's schedule. Scheduling is very flexible during the summer. A student may elect to attend any number of classes per week for whatever weeks work. Registration need not be for the same day each week nor must it be for any particular number of consecutive weeks. Students should be registered in their appropriate age and will be grouped accordingly on any given day. 
2019 Program Dates:    June 24th through August 15th
Cost:   $20 per 45 minute class
           $50 per 2 hour class
Schedule:    See the Class Schedules and registration forms in the links below for all of our programs.
2019 Registration:   To register, simply complete a registration form, circle the dates you plan to attend and return it to the office. The registration forms can be accessed by clicking below.

At this time the Boys and Cheer Programs are not available.

                                         PreSchool Program Registration Form
                                         Girls Program Registration Form
                                         Boys Program Registration Form
                                         Cheer Program Registration Form
Take advantage of this unusual opportunity!  Call the office with any questions regarding scheduling.
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