1) Infra-red temperature scan will take place prior to anyone entering the facility. Anyone whose temperature is 100.4 F will not be allowed entry. DO NOT DROP OFF and leave until your child is cleared. Please practice social distancing while waiting to be scanned.

2) Face covering MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES in the facility!

3)*** CHANGE DUE TO Phase 2.1 The gymnasts MUST wear face coverings during the activity. Staff will wear a mask at all times when in close proximity to the athlete.

4) The girls MUST bring their own water bottle. The water fountain will be closed except for the bottle filler.

5) There will be NO VENDING machine in operation at this time.

6) Social distancing must be maintained by children in class.

7) Sanitizing of gym, bathrooms and waiting room will take place multiple times daily and in between each class.

8) The girls will be assigned a number during warm up and any personal items (water bottle, etc.) will placed on that corresponding number when they rotate to their events.

Please understand that Arena is concerned with the safety of EVERYONE.

Anyone entering the facility must have a temp scan and wear a face covering at all times.

If you or your child have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or if you have had a fever in the last 48 hours please do not attend class. The class can always be made up at a later date.


There are several important rules and policies at Arena Gymnastics. Most of them are for safety reasons, so we hope you will take a few moments to review them if your son and/or daughter is either attending or thinking of doing so. Our low student:teacher ratio applies whether your child is an 18 month old preschooler or an athlete training at the highest level of competition. Our make-up policy is designed to ensure this low ratio is maintained for all classes.


All students will be allowed three make-ups per session. In fairness to everyone, please do not ask to make up more than three unless there are special circumstances of which you make us aware. All classes must be made up only during the session in which they are missed. Make-ups must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the office, as soon as possible after the class is missed. If you wait until near the end of the session, there may be no room for you. If you schedule a make-up and do not either attend or cancel in advance with the office, it will count as one of your make-ups. This is really a very generous make-up policy, so please comply with these regulations.


If Arena classes are cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, it will be posted on the home page of the website, our Facebook page and on our answering machine. If a storm should come up to require an early closing, that too will be posted. If your child misses a class because WE cancel, you may schedule an additional make-up during the session.


Girls should wear either a leotard or shorts/pants and a t-shirt. Any tights must be without feet. Please no dresses or leotards with skirts. Girls hair should be secured to stay out of their faces. Boys should wear shorts/sweatpants and t-shirts. All children must be barefooted. Please no jeans, belts, or overalls. This dress code will be enforced. There are safety reasons for these requests. Please comply. In Mom & Me classes, the adult accompanying the child must take off his/her shoes. Adults ARE NOT allowed on any equipment.


Girls must wear leotards. Bike shorts or footless tights may be worn with a leotard if desired. All students must have bare feet. All hair must be secured back away from the face. All jewelry must be removed before entering the gym.


For both the Preschool and the After school Class Programs, Parent Observation Days are held during the child’s regular class, with the dates announced well in advance for each session. At this time, you are invited to sit in the gym and watch class. You may take videos and non-flash photography of your children. The no flash rule is for the safety of those gymnasts who may be training and could be distracted. Please respect this request and enjoy watching your children.


ALL STUDENTS SHOULD GET READY FOR CLASS AND THEN WAIT IN THE CUBBY ROOM UNTIL THEIR CLASS IS CALLED BY THE INSTRUCTORS.No parents are allowed in the gym except for Mom & Me classes and Class Observation Days. If you have a question or see something of concern to you, please speak to the office personnel. NO SHOES, GUM, OR FOOD are allowed in the gym. NO PARENTS OR SIBLINGS allowed on the gym equipment.